About Thai Food

About Thai Food

He who first visits the Kingdom of Thailand must think all the food in Asia is very spicy and not familiar to our taste buds. This is a misconception!
Thai food is an amazing mix of salty, sour, sweet and spicy-spicy. Sometimes these combinations of pepper and sugar the first time Thai food may seem tasteless, but after our brain needs to try it again and this time we can really enjoy it.

The food it sells and serves everywhere, for every taste and budget, and at first glance you begin to understand that in Thailand the cult of food. You can eat 24 hours a day at almost every turn, since “carts” is the original version of the “Thai cafe” on wheels, at least the stationary cart on which cook and sell the popular Thai dishes, to round-the-clock shops of networks 7-11 (Seven Eleven), Family Mart, where you will always heat up prepared frozen dishes, sandwiches and other foods. And of course Thailand is replete with familiar restaurants and cafes all around the world, but with a “Thai touch”.

The appearance of a cafe will never tell you about the quality and taste of food, it so happens that inroadside cafethe food is fresh, and the food is much tastier than in the adjacent, beautifully designed restaurants. Yes, and if you don't want to stay hungry, after a visit to Thai cafe, always ask the waiter that you want non-spicy food, saying for examplenon-spicy” or little spicy, otherwise you risk to get the dish cooked to the chefs taste - very spicy.

    Below I will give you a list of the most popular Thai dishes, some of which deserve to be called masterpieces of cookery:
  • Tom Yum – sour and spicy soup with seafood, fish, chicken and of course shrimp.
  • Tom Ka Gai – soup with coconut milk with chicken.
  • Som Tam – spicy salad of green Papaya.
  • Som Tam Thai van – the same salad with green Papaya, but sweet, with the addition of either syrup or honey.
  • Lab Moo – spicy salad with pork.
  • The pad Krapao Moo SAP – fried minced pork with herbs and garlic, Chile and Basil, but that was not so spicy and satisfying, complete with rice or fried egg.
  • Moo TOD Chretien – fried pork with garlic, is perfect for fans of beer.
  • Kievan Keng Gai – chicken in green curry sauce.
  • MIC Pat Pong Kari – shrimp in curry sauce.
  • Yam Nuea Yang – beef salad under the vinegar and herbs.
  • KAU Pad Thai dish. Fried rice with egg, vegetables and add different kinds of meat like pork(“Moo”), ham(“nuea”), chicken(“Gai”), seafood(“hoists”) or shrimp(“kun”).
  • Pad Thai – fried rice noodles with egg, fish sauce, red chili pepper, bean sprouts, chicken, crushed peanuts, coriander, sapana sugar and drizzled with lime.
  • Sticky Rice Mango – local dessert. Rice with mango and drizzled with condensed milk. "Aroi Mak Mak" translates as very delicious!
    Thai cuisine is rich, varied and certainly not limited to this list. Everyone will find something favorite and memorable for yourself.
Made it to Thailand.

    We wish You good appetite and unforgettable holiday, because this is our life: Emotions, Memory, Taste.