Top 10 things to do in Pattaya

Top 10 things to do in Pattaya

Here is the top 10 things to do in Pattaya

1.   To try insect

This is an unusual treat in Pattaya is sold everywhere. Right on the sidewalk   you can see the truck, where the trays neatly fried crickets, silkworm larvae, scorpions and giant ants. But do not wince in disgust and avoid party vendors – fried insects are a local delicacy. It is not necessary to include them in your daily diet, but one-time wine tasting is included in   list of mandatory things to do in Pattaya.

2.   Enjoy a massage

This Thai massage
A visit to a massage parlor included in the mandatory list of things to do in Pattaya. Thailand – a country that has become the founder of a special kind of massage, which today is valued around the world. In Pattaya, a huge number of massage parlors, and the cost of services by Russian standards, is simply ridiculous. Besides the traditional Thai massage, be sure to try a foot massage – it is difficult to find anyone who would not like this relaxing treatment.   If you spent a whole day on their feet, and feel tired, take a look at 30 minutes in any room and make a wonderful effect is foot-massage! Read more about this in the paper Настоящий Thai massage ... What is he really?

3.   Get acquainted with traditional Thai cuisine

Thai dish of rice noodles
To visit Pattaya and not try Tom Yam Kung? No, It is Immpossible! This dish can be called a « the pearl » traditional Thai cuisine. Tom Yam Kung – This soup, which is prepared on the basis of chicken broth with the addition of a large number of seafood, mushrooms, spices, coconut milk and so on. The dish has a pronounced sweet-sour taste.

In addition, it is recommended to include in its « Thai » the menu pad thai(rice noodles with shrimp), som tam(green papaya salad with spices), Kao pad gai(rice with chicken).

4.   Spend a day on the islands

White sand, crystal clear water, wonderful nature & hellip; Getting to the islands, if you find yourself in an advertisement famous chocolate bar.   Good news – I do not need to travel far! « Ray » It is just outside of Pattaya and can be reached by ferry or boat in just 30 minutes. By the way, transport between the mainland and the islands have excellent – Ferry runs every 30 minutes and the ticket costs – 20 baht.

So we have found the answer to the question: what to do in Pattaya with my family. And it – go to the island for the day. It offers several options – Koh Lan, Koh Kood, Koh   Sichang et al.  

5.   Plunge into the nightlife

Fireworks night in Pattaya
« epicenter » Pattaya night life(and it is possible to say, and all of Thailand) is Walking street. The street, which during the day is no different from all the rest, and at night becomes a pedestrian, changing beyond recognition.  

The list of things that must be done at night in Pattaya, you can highlight a visit to the following locations:

  • transvestite show « Alcazar » and « Tiffany »,
  • GO-GO bars with a menu special,
  • « Show Adult » on Walking street,
  • Russian restaurant on Walking street.

6.   Get introduced to local attractions

Pattaya and its surroundings много landmarks , which can be visited during the excursion. If familiar with the local attractions you plan on your own, be sure to visit:

  • Park orchids and tropical garden Nong Nooch(the largest garden in Southeast Asia),
  • Khao Phra Tam Nak and Buddha Hill with the biggest Buddha statue in Pattaya,
  • Temple « Sanctuary of Truth »,
  • Park & ??laquo; Mini Siam ».

7.   Go on shopping

In the list of mandatory things to do in Pattaya,   includes a visit the night market .   Please note that working night market only 1-2 times a week, usually on weekends.   The range of products out there is enormous, and haggling with sellers, you can significantly reduce the price. However, it is not necessary to consider the night market, as a place where you can update your wardrobe & hellip;   Chances are you favorably buy souvenirs and have a good time.

Walking through the shopping malls of Pattaya, pay attention to the local cosmetics. In particular, the popularity of women's funds are based on coconut oil. The very coconut oil in Thailand you can buy for ridiculous money! Another compulsory purchase – tea. « specialty, » Thailand is considered a drink of green milk tea.  

8.   Go on brutal dinner «Thai»

In Pattaya, a huge number of places for tourists. Endless caves, marine restaurants, cafes and network establishment. And where the Thais eat?   Locals avoid the tourist spots, but also at home, too, do not like to cook – They eat mostly outside. Scattered throughout the city and fudmarkety food courts where you can both eat on the spot, and order a meal with him. As a rule, the typical outdoor food court is a series of trolleys, in a mode where « non-stop » cooking occurs. In the cart there are benches and tables for visitors. The menu is very diverse, ranging from fresh fish and seafood, and ending with rice noodles and chicken.     If you are going to question the choice of dishes, a win-win option is grilled fish. Thais baked in its entirety, since pre spices and various   herbs.

9.   With a breeze to ride on a tuk-tuk

We complete the list of things to do in Pattaya, another fad – walk on a tuk-tuk. In Pattaya, the tuk-tuk can be compared with an inexpensive shuttle. True appearance is different from the usual for us gazelles. Tuk-tuk is a fun car with no windows, no doors, which runs on a certain route. Passengers often jump into it on the go.  

10.   Arrange tasting fruit

In Thailand reigns real fruit paradise. Local banana and pineapple will surprise even the most demanding gourmets – they are incredibly flavorful, juicy and sweet. Such fruits you will never find in Russian supermarkets.   But limited to « friends » fruit in Pattaya, you should not, because the local shelves you will also find rambutans, mangosteen, lychee, green coconuts, dragon fruit, not to mention the delicious mango and papaya. Also, do not miss the most controversial piece of fruit in Thailand – durian. On the one hand, the royal styled durian fruit, the other – it is strictly forbidden to enter the territory of the hotel and take the plane because of the specific flavor.