What are the attractions of Pattaya are worth a visit to the tourist?

What are the attractions of Pattaya are worth a visit to the tourist?

When God created the earth, for this piece of the world, he did not regret any of bright colors or sounds wonderful. Therefore, natural and manmade attractions Pattaya – beautiful. The city attracts the beautiful scenery, amazing architectural creations and the best beaches in the world.

Russian speech in Pattaya is not uncommon. And not only because Thailand – one of the main tourist destinations. There are a lot of Russian tourists, who after meeting with the country to buy a house in Pattaya and still live here. Someone draws life among paradisiacal nature and the opportunity to eat natural and very useful products. Some of Thailand, in addition to the exotic, captivity smiles and sincere openness of the locals. Someone is coming here with the intention of opening their own business. Almost every beach, in a hotel, cafe or restaurant in Pattaya can meet Russian-speaking staff. So, to find their own places of interest for tourists in Pattaya were not working. We decided to tell you about the most important of them.

Big Buddha – the main attraction of Pattaya

The main religious monument Pattaya – smiling Big Buddha, seated in the lotus position at the top of a 120-meter hill. It can be seen from any part of the city. And from the observation deck of the complex offers superb views of Pattaya – one of the most beautiful places in the world to live and relax.

Visit of the attractions of Pattaya – a real ceremony. Buddhists go back to the top only after cleansing and permit local monk. Ordinary tourists try to consider steps large, decorated with dragons, stairs – they counted 120 right – good luck, wrong – Karma is correct. You can do it right there on the spot, firing from closed cell bird. Or stand under the bell, which is right next to the stairs.

Next to the gilded statue of the Buddha there are 20, but smaller, symbolizing the different incarnation of the deity. Seven of them patronized days of the week. It is considered a good sign if a person podneset incense to the deity of the day in which he was born.

The complex is a statue of the Chinese god of joy, happiness and prosperity Hoteyu, with a hole instead of a navel. There lay the coin, asking himself a deity and a carefree life. Around the main statue should be like a tramp, but strictly for clockwise – so the body is filled with life-giving energy.

However, the Buddhists all over the world prefer to meditate other tourist attractions of Pattaya, such as the temple complex of Wat Yang in the suburbs. Or Sattahip Temple Watt – the oldest religious building in Thailand. In Khao Chi Chan cliff at an altitude of 6 km in 1996, it was created a huge – 130 meters by 70 – Laser Buddha image, conquering Mara. The complex is a park for relaxation – One of the most popular among the Buddhists places to dive into nirvana.

Mini Siam – history of the world in miniature

The area of ​​Thailand is large, so the historical and cultural sites are located far from each other. Tourists, and by the Thais, it is difficult to see even a small part of them. In the mid-80s the country's authorities have decided to collect all the attractions in one place. So there was a Park Mini Siam. Mini – because its territory collected miniature (1:25) copies of its major architectural masterpieces. Walk along this Pattaya attractions for the tourist – Travel around the world stretching for half an hour.

The park is divided into two zones – Mini Siam and Mini Europe. The first collected attractions of Thailand and South-East Asia, among them many pagodas. In the second – European highlights. In particular, Moscow St. Basil's Cathedral. It is in this part of the park are copies of Egyptian pyramids, so that the name of the area eventually becomes relative.

Tourists are advised to come with the experience here is closer to the sunset, to be able to admire the masterpieces in daylight and at dusk. Especially look beautiful mini-masterpieces with night illumination. In addition to the architectural exhibits, the park is famous for its landscape design. Tourist impressive special tourist attractions of Pattaya – copies of Thai houses have water ascends to heaven the roofs of its asceticism charming, spacious and open.

The Sanctuary of Truth – Museum of Buddhist philosophy

In 1981, Pattaya has begun construction of the temple, designed to show the world the beauty of Buddhism and Hinduism. Since then, many years have passed, but the end of the work is not yet in sight. And even in 2025, which is scheduled to surrender so important attractions of Pattaya, this does not happen – skeptics believe. The work does not stop for a single day. To go with a guided tour, you need to wear a construction helmet. Each part of the temple, which reaches a height of 105 meters, every detail means something. All construction is decorated with figures of people, animals and birds. They – religious narratives and heroes of ancient myths. Contemplate this beauty can be long, especially as the surrounding nature adjusts to philosophical reflections.

Zoos Pattaya

Many of the tourist attractions of Pattaya are associated with animals. And start getting to know them you need from the village of elephants. This unique nature reserve is located in the suburbs, he does not get help from the state and exists only on your own admission. The reserve was originally conceived as a place where older elephants will live out their days in security, and where they will be given medical care. Over time, this place has turned into an amusement park. Every day is held here three shows, each of which collects before thousands of spectators. Giants of Nature show people their skills up to driving a car.

Another Zoo Pattaya – Sriracha. For animals are created the most comfortable conditions. Many of them simply walk in freedom, for example, pigs. Every day in the park to make a show – Lightweight for children and adults chilling. Here you can ride on elephants and to be photographed with young cubs. &Nbsp;

It is also noteworthy Zoo Khao Kheo. It is located a 40-minute drive from the city. The uniqueness of the zoo is that all the animals roam through it freely. They can be touched, to be photographed with them, feed them. It is clear that the big wild cats and other dangerous animals in Khao Kheo not live. Among other things, it affects a great design of the park. This tourist attraction of Pattaya like a fairy tale come to life and tourists should definitely get there. &Nbsp;

Water World  

Visit zoos kids love. But at least they enjoy entertainment in a water park. Pattaya water park is famous for its tall hills. There are super-modern children's area and plenty of entertainment for adults. In particular, – world famous Thai spa treatments.

is unique aquarium in Pattaya. Construction of the complex is designed so that visitors feel visually in water depths. Around full of life inhabitants of the ocean. At certain times you can feed them.

Nong Nooch Tropical Botanical Garden  

This is the great Thai Botanical Garden – it covers an area of ​​240 hectares. For its length and Entertainment is listed in the Guinness Book. Time spent in the Pattaya tourist attractions especially memorable. The park divided into French and English parks, gardens, orchids, cacti, Bansal, pots, water plants, palms and ferns (Nong Nooch has the world's largest collection of palms). There is a hill butterflies, garden birds, elephant farm. The current owner of the park has organized its territory permanent exhibition of sports and racing cars.

Unusual Art Galleries  

At the heart of Pattaya is a cultural center « Satin Fine Art » ;, which can hardly be called an art gallery in the traditional sense. Visit the sights of Pattaya's many tourists are required. You can not only contemplate the paintings of famous artists. Everyone has the ability to order a copy of a favorite painting. Or buy original little-known artist. Most do just that, buying fabric for interiors. Who knows, as many famous painters receive glory only decades later. The gallery received orders for a portrait. There are service delivery fabric of international mail. All expenses gallery takes on. &Nbsp;

In Pattaya, it is also one of the largest museums in Asia 3D-pictures. The attractiveness of the attractions for tourists in Pattaya that photographed against the background of paintings, the person receives a unique masterpiece – picture with his image, harmoniously blended in the composition of the picture. Allow visitors to build upon canvas, becoming a co-creation. The residence time in the museum – this constant transformation, a true and exciting game, an incredible experience.

This is only a small part of the attractions, which attracts the already beautiful city of Pattaya. Despite the fact that these places on the world's artistic standards do not fall into the category of masterpieces, visiting them often brings a lot more fun than walking on the famous, but boring for the modern man the halls of the world's museums and galleries. Pattaya is designed for recreation, entertainment, and to what extent the search for meaning in life. It seems that she created in order to simply live without bothering to higher matters.