Tattoo in Thailand

Tattoo in Thailand

Every year thousands of tourists packed a tattoo in Thailand. The increased demand for these services has caused some problems, which every visitor should know.

Thousands of tourists visiting Thailand, resolved to make myself a tattoo in this country. More and more people just think about it. Thailand is one of the most popular countries where the tourist can make a tattoo.

The secret of such prestige lies not in the professionalism of the masters who create the familiar for all the tattoo in a modern style or high-tech, and in the original design of the tattoo.

Tattoo in Thailand

In Thailand, it is possible to fill a tattoo in the traditional Chinese style directly to a Buddhist temple, a master in this case will be a Buddhist monk. Fill tattoo in Thailand - it is pretty safe, but before such event, you must be knowledgeable in some moments, which we will tell on.

What kind of tattoo to choose?

Before you visit a tattoo parlor in Thailand, you need to think carefully about the future design of underwear picture. Most Thai salons, tattoo tourist offer in the Art Nouveau style, Japanese style or a traditional Thai (Buddhist) tattoo. In any case, it is necessary to think carefully about the future design of the tattoo before the visit to the salon and, if possible, even grab a sketch of the desired pattern.

What style of performance known tattooists tattoos in Thailand? If a tourist wants a tattoo of a certain style, the main fear it will become a tattoo artist who is not known for this style. So, wizard tattoo, as ordinary artists, known for their expertise in one or more styles fulfill their drawings. If you want to fill a traditional Buddhist tattoos, and the master is profiled only on modern Japanese style, it is likely that the result will not satisfy the visitor like tattoo parlor.

Dragon Tattoo in Thailand

It is necessary to learn about the best tattoo artists and choose one of them. We recommend to visit several tattoo parlors and see the catalog and portfolio of the master. Perhaps it is in the portfolio you can find the picture that fits completely in your preferences.

How to choose a tattoo parlor?

Choosing a tattoo artist follows the recommendations. In Thailand, with thousands of tattoo artists of different ages. Here you will find as soon as the tattoo artists and artists from the world-famous names that are shared by a celebrity (eg Adzhelina fills Jolie tattoos on his body only in certain Buddhist monk).

If you do not know, use the services of a master, it is best to turn to online forums. After a short time you will know the names of a few tattooists, is popular with visitors, especially when it comes to Bangkok. The most famous tattoo parlors have their own Web sites that are laid out for review catalogs wearable designs.
Before coming to Thailand recommend choosing several tattoo artists. On arrival in the country of their need to personally visit and see examples of works. Remember that the tattoo will stay on your body for a lifetime, so make sure that the work of certain masters you like.

Tattoo parlor in Thailand

The appearance of the cabin does not speak about the art of the artist. Thailand is a country where it is difficult to judge something by the shell. In other words, the well-known tattoo artists may not always be placed in the cabin with excellent interior. For example, one of the most popular tattoo country offers its services in a small shop, which is located at the entrance to Chatuchak Market. In appearance it is a usual wooden shacks, however, despite the shortcomings of interior space, the master is considered to be one of the best in the country.

You must know the difference between real and tattooed in the style of Sak Yant. Many tourists in Thailand are willing to fill Sak Yant tattoos that have religious significance. For centuries, these tattoos stuffed locals, believing that these figures will protect them from the dark forces and to protect from harm.

 Genuine tattoo

Today such a tattoo, you can fill in any Chinese tattoo parlor, but the locals will argue that these tattoos can not be called Sak Yant, because they will not have magical qualities. If you want to fill a genuine tattoo Sak Yant, the only Buddhist monk can help. This tattoo is applied to the human body in the traditional way - a ritual scarring, accompanied by elaborate ceremony at a Buddhist temple.

If you want any inscription in the Thai language, then pre-check the correct spelling of a tattoo, before it will strike you on the body. We recommend to check the grammar attract friends Thais, as would be pretty disappointing to learn one day that you have written on the body is not what you want.