For safe holiday in Pattaya Thailand

For safe holiday in Pattaya Thailand

In Thailand, especially revere the King and the royal family. Any offensive action, even to their images may result in criminal penalties. Taking photographs is allowed almost everywhere and free of charge (strictly forbidden to photograph military installations).
Places where you can not take pictures, are marked with a special sign, crossed a photo or video camera. Without special permission can not use your camcorder at the Grand Royal Palace, can not be photographed in the Temple of the Emerald Buddha. Before you take a picture of Thai, ask him for permission.

 Safe holiday in Pattaya, Thailand 
It is impossible to visit the Buddhist temples in shorts, short skirts, with bare shoulders and legs. As a rule, before entering the temple, you can free of charge or for a nominal fee to rent clothes. Before entering the temple need to take off your shoes. Women under any circumstances should not touch a monk, transfer or take away any thing. Each Buddha image, large or small, whole or destroyed in Thailand is seen as a sacred object. Do not climb on these objects to be photographed, or take actions that could be perceived as disrespectful to them.
For Thais head - the most important and essential part of the body. They believe that the soul of man is in his head. Therefore, do not touch the head of the Thai, even if it is a friendly gesture. Also, do not pat the Thai people on the shoulder.
Rudeness is considered to be an indication of a person or thing by foot.

Always try to speak calmly and quietly, do not raise your voice. A person who speaks softly, causing a feeling of deep respect for the Thais. The expression of anger and a loud voice is considered rude and bad manners. To those guests who remain calm and smile, all the doors are open.
In Thailand, it is not accepted to demonstrate the close relationship between man and woman passionately hugging and kissing in public.
In Thailand, there are very strict laws to combat illicit drug trafficking. The person who found the drugs, could face punishment including the death penalty. The transportation of drugs through customs (contraband) - the death penalty. Look for credibility before leaving the film "Bangkok Hilton" (film, by the way, excellent).

Thai police

If you are arrested for an offense, try to settle the matter peacefully. Otherwise, the police may, with the permission of the court to sign you in jail for up to 84 days (7 times to 12 days) during the investigation. After registration of the police protocol on offense you can be released on bail (except for very serious crimes, under which the court may deny bail). At the same time your passport remains with the police, and its details are recorded in the database and to the decision of the court of the country you will not be released.

Money, tickets, passports and valuables be deposited in the safe at the reception, or put it in a safe in the room, if it is there, how much you plan to spend no more.

 Cash in Thailand

Try to have as little cash, replacing them with a plastic card or traveler's checks, but still enough to stretch to the end of the vacation, if something happens to the card, or by check.

ATMs in Thailand

Carry a photocopy of passports just in case (a passport - in the safe). Even better place additional scan zagran- and Russian passport in his e-mail, so that if necessary they can be printed.
If you feel that you are trying to cheat, "breed for money," and if things have not gone far without skandalte. You say he does not understand or do not have money. Do not provoke a conflict.
If you rent a room, a motorcycle, a car, hire a taxi, etc.., Agreed price in advance, otherwise then you can put an unreasonable expense. You can record the price of the paper, show it to the seller to verify the accuracy and to maintain until settlement. If you say that the price will say then, it is likely an attempt to fraud.
With the loss of the documents you will need to obtain a "certificate for return to the Russian Federation." Go to the nearest tourist police with photocopies of the missing documents. There you should all elaborate, write a statement describing the incident and wait for the police officer, his Sight. The statement to the police in the lost passport is the most important document. Otherwise, you are not allowed out of the country, and your vacation will be delayed indefinitely.
Pattaya Tourist Police 

Next, you need to contact the Consular Section of the Russian Embassy in Thailand, a statement to the police and a police protocol, copy of passport and 2 photos. After 2-3 days you will be given a "certificate of return to Russia." Next to the "evidence", a copy of the passport, the original and a copy of the application, you go to the Department of Immigration. It is located close to the embassy. There you will put all the necessary printing "certificate." After that you can safely return home.

For more information, see "What to do if lost / stolen passport abroad?"

If you exceed the 30-day visa-free stay or validity of the visa, at the exit you will be fined 500 baht for each day of delay, but not more than 20,000 baht. If your stitching will be no more than 21 days, you have a chance to get off just fine.
If your delay range from 22 to 41 days, you will have a chance after paying a fine and still be in the chamber for a while, and you'll be entered in the "black list". Well, if you exceed a period of more than 41 days, you are guaranteed to spend some time in the chamber for educational purposes, and then will be deported without the possibility in the future to visit Thailand.

Police Pattaya Thailand 

Phone the police in emergency situations - 191, or 123 (free call from any phone)
Tourist Police - 1155 (free call from any phone)
Ambulance - 1554
In the case of loss of credit cards and traveler's checks, call:
02 252 2212 Mastercard/Visa
02 233 5644 Diners Club
02 273 5296 American Express
02 256 2816 Thomas Cook