This Thai massage ... What is it really?

This Thai massage ... What is it really?

Thai massage - a great tool to release tension, your muscles regain tone and soul - serenity. This is - an art, which has more than one millennium.
This Thai massage - amazing procedure that not only allows you to stay in good shape and helps to find peace of mind, but also cures for many diseases.

Thai Massage in Pattaya
And it is not surprising: the art of Thai massage for more than 2500 years. The founder of Thai massage - or Thai system of healing - is the Jiva Bhikku Kumar, a doctor from India who, by some accounts, was a friend of the Buddha himself.

The Thai system of healing based on the impact of the hands and feet massage therapist on special terms, activation energy flows in the human body by kneading, pressing, passive exercise, some yoga poses and other types of exposure.Pose Yoga during the Thai massage

Through Thai massage it is possible to restore the chakras, and therefore health and psyche. Calm, detachment from the everyday hustle and bustle - the important conditions of the Thai massage.

Thai massages in Pattaya

Thai massages in PattayaChem longer duration of the massage, the better - so consider Thai healers from one to several hours - the usual duration of the procedure.
Effects of massage after 10 major acupuncture points of the body. Through them, the master injects cosmic energy (prana) and its distribution throughout the body, the chakras.

Preparation before a Thai massage

Pre is relaxation: the impact on the points on the feet of the patient.
The wizard then starts doing stretching, pressing, rolling the muscles, that is completely uncharacteristic of the usual European massage techniques.
Thanks to them, the patient is immersed in a state similar to trance when he can deeply comprehend all his life and take it brighter and more positive.

Thai foot massage salon

During Thai massage master reaches to the deepest muscle of the patient to whom do not get traditional masseurs completely release them from stress.
With the help of massage increases blood circulation, improves the cardiovascular system, the process of cleansing the body that lasts, and some time after the massage.

 The singular points of the foot in Thai massage

Through Thai massage a person's mental state is getting better, there is peace of previously inaccessible.
At the end of the procedure the wizard makes a facial massage at which it ends, and the shape of the face instantly improves, there wrinkles, improves color.

Thus, once observed major improvements:
  1.      Relax all the muscles of the human body;
  2.      Improving the mental state;
  3.      Improvement of all body systems;
  4.      Run all unemployed chakras.