Night markets in Pattaya

Night markets in Pattaya

Night markets in Pattaya have a special place in economic and social life of this country. For all the people working here creates market their lifestyle. Here people do not just buy and sell a variety of goods, and exchange news, eat, have fun, relax, work and shape public opinion about all that is happening.
It is characteristic for the Thai special types of markets.
night markets in Pattaya
For example, the floating markets came here because in the jungle can only be reached by waterways in the form of rivers. The appearance of the night markets in this country is due to too much hot sun during the day, which does not allow users to choose their own market slowly goods on it.
Since Pattaya no rivers, the floating market and here, too, you will not find. But there are night markets. Though of course it is better to be called the evening, as they begin their work with the sunset and finish it somewhere closer to midnight. Such markets can be found in the northern part of Pattaya. The largest of them is called Sawangfa Rd, and the smaller one - Phothisan Rd.
Once there was a night market at the Mini Siam, but today it began selling plants.

The most interesting night market in Pattaya is located on the Thepprasit Rd, that in the neighborhood of Outlet Village shopping and Lotus. Although this market is at some distance from the main tourist routes, but it is very popular with farangs and locals. The market is closed on Friday evenings, Saturdays and Sundays.

Right at the entrance to the night market, you can see the fried scorpions, beetles, grasshoppers and larvae. Better hurry to pass it all.
Then you can see the magnificent carp and other fish, fried in salt and huge shrimp. We pass on and see about a dozen cans from soups to publish a wide variety of mouth-watering scents.

Soups at the night market in Pattaya
Among the soups you can find and taste the "King of Thai soups" - Tom Yam Kung.
After a series of gastronomic begin the series, which sell small dogs. The most popular are small dogs that terriers that can cost even 10 000 THB.
Now you can go to the main range of these markets in the form of different clothes, jewelry and shoes.
Buy clothes at the night market in Pattaya
Immediately sold second-hand editions and DVD-discs. Here you can find toys for children, but if you want exotic, you can buy here a Buddhist amulet.
Charms at the night market in Pattaya
In addition, there is a choice of mobile phones.
But the most colorful part of the market is the "flea market", where next to the helmet of the First World War, may be sold ritual pipe from Nepal, wearing boots and old coins.