Transfer to the resort in Pattaya, Thailand: peace of cake

Transfer to the resort in Pattaya, Thailand: peace of cake

Suvarnabhumi - Thailand's main air gateway international destination. Bangkok is the capital of Thailand accepts the basic flow of travelers. Takeoff and landing strips Suvarnabhumi and Don Muang almost do not know the rest. This is the main "air gates" through which you can get to the "City of Gardens».

From here is carried out Bangkok to Pattaya transfer and other famous seaside resorts that beckon travelers. International airport Suvarnabhumi - Thailand's business card. One of the largest airports in South Asia with a large and comfortable passenger terminal. Located near Bangkok. Transfer in Thailand is possible directly from the airport and from the Bangkok any transport.

If you are planning a trip, the more likely it yourself on arrival at Suvarnabhumi as its share falls the lion's share of international flights posts. So nice to advance to navigate in this "city of the aircraft." For more information about infrastructure, prices, on-line departures and arrivals from the airport you can find on their official website. From there it is easy to get where you need. For example, transfer from Bangkok airport to Pattaya to be about 1,5-2 hours .

Don Muang - Thai airport transfer

Budget Transfer in Thailand

Pattaya - Siam exotic paradise. Many travelers give preference to this city, because here successfully combines sea, beach and nightlife. By "rough" means the presence of many clubs, go-go bars, special facilities for relaxation, where you can get complete relaxation. Tours of the city are special character.

Plenty sated program, pack your bags home. Bus Pattaya-Bangkok-an airport - the most economical way to get to Don Muang, the second largest airport in Thailand. It takes mainly domestic flights. If the traveler in a hurry, the distance by taxi Pattaya-Bangkok Airport overcome quickly. Clean machines and extremely courteous drivers provide ride comfort.

Transfer to Pattaya fairly inexpensive, like all the rest in Thailand. That, of course, attracts tourists. And that sea of ​​emotions that you will bring to the holiday, full pay for all costs.