When you want to really exotic holiday (rent condominium in Thailand)

When you want to really exotic holiday, choose Thailand

The country with the kind of unique culture. Thanks to investments, the tourism market is developing rapidly. Almost all the five-star hotel is managed by specialists from Europe and Asia, which guarantees high quality. Thailand, as a successful symbiosis of the special atmosphere of centuries-old culture and European service, attracts tourists from all over the world.

If rest is "in full" - we go to the sea! Pattaya - the seaside resort of global significance to 145 km from Bangkok. Here and crocodile farm and a garden of orchids, all kinds of excursions, pubs, clubs, restaurants. Famous Cabaret Tiffany, Alcazar excite secret fantasy campers magnificent show of colourful costumes, dances, songs, skits and more. In addition, you can rent condominium in Pattaya European level. Local cultural practices may surprise and sometimes shock any European. But you need to think and accommodation for the entire period of rest. Pattaya condo for rent - it even more to join the local culture and to learn something new, and of course to provide itself with the budget, but quality housing.

Subtleties condo rental in Pattaya

Find a house in Thailand

To stay in Thailand can be in a hotel, a house, townhouse or condominium. Condominium - apartment buildings, consisting of several buildings and developed infrastructure. Often, the owners require the insured amount, that's fine, fix everything in the contract at the end of the lease term and the absence of claims the money will be returned. Typically, this month's worth of living, but on an individual basis can be negotiated and other figures. Utilities, internet and other paid separately , if the other option is not stipulated by the agreement, according to the meter readings taken in the presence of the owner.

Speaking of improvement, it is worth noting that almost one-bedroom apartments are in the style of "studio". There is a large room, fitted with bath or shower, a toilet and a tiny kitchen. Regarding the latter, the population of Thailand is practically not cook at home, so having the kitchen is provided for most Europeans. If this time is important to you, specify in advance. Also, ask about the presence of an air conditioner or fan in a condominium, Local + 27 ° C at night, not everyone can easily carry.

We can help you rent a condominium in Pattaya, leave a request on the site , write your contacts and wishes. Our staff will do everything to find a suitable, 100% option.