There are free money? We strongly recommend to consider buying real estate in Thailand

There are free money? We strongly recommend to consider buying real estate in Thailand

Anyone who has shown interest in this country a few years ago, not lost - apartments and houses are rising in value. You gave one sum, and in time, you already own a much larger capital. Nobody is talking about moving for permanent residence. You can buy a condominium in Pattaya for the purpose of renting, it is very profitable - the country belongs to the tourist, the rapidly developing states.

Why condo instead of a house? Less bureaucratic fuss. And the land is prohibited to possess strangers. Fictitious or real marriage does not solve the problem, so you do not get citizenship.

Buy a condominium in Thailand may be for personal use and as a commercial property. Our compatriots are successfully doing business here, the country has a clever fiscal policy, especially in relation to investors. If a foreigner is going to do business, he can buy and arrange land in freehold - free use. Under biznesproekty land is leased for 150 years, since the owner is considered to be firm, and not the individual.

Buy condo in Pattaya - means to buy a lovely area near the sea. You can please yourself and loved ones, to invest funds. When possible, come to rest with the family, and at another time to give up the condo for rent, receiving a great benefit to your budget.

Choosing the area is for life, pay attention to the neighboring structures, location of facilities, general well-being area. Depending on these factors, prices for identical designs may be different. If we compare European and Thai property, then the quality of the latter comes close to the standards of Europe, and is much cheaper.

Living near the sea in the country of eternal summer dreams majority. If you want, then there are those who will carry it out. Demand creates supply - wanting to buy a condominium in Pattaya or other parts of the country more and more every day. You are not alone in their endeavors, experienced specialists will carry out the purchase of a suitable property with minimal costs.

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