We invite you to visit Thailand - apartments for rent in Pattaya

We invite you to visit Thailand - apartments for rent in Pattaya

You will plan for different properties: studios, one, two and three bedroom apartments, houses, townhouses, villas. With experience, contacts in the local market and advantageous agreements, the company offers comfortable accommodation for temporary use.

Pattaya - a resort town situated on the eastern coast of the Gulf of Thailand. Pattaya recognized tourist region. Manufacturing plants are virtually absent, and the ecology of the city is in good condition, the level of gas contamination of air is low, the water is clean. Pattaya is constantly evolving. Hotel business tough competition with private entrepreneurs, who rent a separate housing.

If you are going on holiday in the region, it is necessary to take into account. The apartment will cost in any case cheaper than similar quality hotel room.

Pattaya annually visited by about two million tourists. The reason for this - sub-equatorial climate and proximity to the sea. The air temperature here does not fall below 22 degrees and does not rise above 35 degrees. The most expensive and demanded rent in Pattaya from December to February. But in other months there are a large number of tourists.

Reasonable tourists who do not want to overpay. Turning to our agency, you can rent an apartment in Pattaya and inexpensive. Prices will depend on your requirements, the rental period and season.

City is not yet fully realized its potential. The annual growth in the number of tourists implies constant development of restaurant and hotel business and entertainment areas. This causes the interest of Russian businessmen and a demand for rental apartments in Pattaya among them.

The city provided a great amount of fun. Beaches, cafes, crocodile, tiger, elephant and oyster farms and so on. Nightlife options: discos, bars, clubs and restaurants around the clock always welcome. To learn more about how the apartments for rent in Thailand, Nampo call number + 66-988-59-59-01